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Morning magic

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Day 34I have had an amazing morning all by myself and I feel incredibly happy and content. In this moment I feel complete. Nothing is missing. I truly love life!

My husband is still asleep and I know we are later on going to spend the morning together sharing an experience. I love sharing experiences.

So why does my life feel so perfect in this moment?

I have a ritual most mornings, which nurtures my heart, body, mind and soul. I begin my morning drinking hot water with a spoon of bio honey and green tea. Drinking something warm in the morning wakes me up gently. After having stepped out of a warm bed, it feels good to keep the warmth on the inside. (It not only feels good, it is also healthy.)

After having fed my impatient but sweet cat and my calm and incredibly patient dog (everyone who meets him fall in love with him), I light a candle on the kitchen table and sit down with my journal, my tea and some more warm water.

In my journal this morning I shared the fulfilling days I have spent with amazing friends. As I write about the experience, I feel how the rays of happiness spread its warmth inside me. The joy of spending time with friends that are positive, kind, encouraging, supportive, helpful, generous, fun, engaged, open and affectionate and share the same passions feels like a blessing.

At the end of my journaling, I plan my day and before having a good breakfast, I first read something inspiring and then sit in meditation for 20 minutes.

I love to meditate! I sit on a few pillows on the floor supporting hips and knees so my body can fully relax. As I close my eyes and go inside myself, I notice how it is still all around me. There is no noise inside or outside. To be in complete stillness is magical. Peace and gratitude for life feels me, and I’ve just set the stage for a beautiful day.

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