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The positive energy of teamwork – at home

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Day 33The list of things that needs to get done in a home is almost endless.

From what I have learned, families that share chores have a more positive attitude towards the work and each other, compared to those where only one person is doing most of the household work.

Keeping a home tidy and in order, paying bills, purchasing, preparing and serving meals, planning weekends, social contacts, vacations etc – can become almost a full time job and drain energy for those doing the work all alone – and especially if they would much rather be doing something else.

In the families where the work is not being shared – there can be nagging, conflicts and arguments.

I think that couples and families that have understood the power of being team players spend more joyful times together as they go about the chores and they feel like a real team.

I just spend four days with girlfriends that are absolutely fantastic team players. It is so enjoyable to be working side by side towards a common goal, whether it is to tidy up, make dinner, walk the dog etc.

PS – I am very fortunate to be having a husband that is a great team player. It means the world to me and I love him dearly for that!

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