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The power of speaking your truth

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Day 32I am a believer in honest and straightforward communication; that we share what is important to us, what impacts us positively and negatively, and more.

I want to emphasize that when we speak about what is true for us – it is our truth, which is subjective and personal – and seldom the ultimate truth – even though we might feel like it is.

The fact that our feelings are subjective does not marginalize the importance of sharing them. We often experience distance to people if we hold back our truth. We may end up with negative thoughts about people instead. And in that case – what happens to your energy level? It plummets, doesn’t it?

I have met with many people who are carrying assumptions they have not verified. Or that live with pain, anger and sadness, as they are holding on to disappointments and frustrations about people – even those that are close to them.

Some people are conflict averse and chose to keep peace rather than sharing honestly. To keep the peace in the short run, often means we have to pay a price in the long run, and our relationships can deteriorate – because we are holding back our truth.

Now – how do you best share your truth? If we can learn to speak our truth without blame and judgment, it is much easier for other people to hear us. As we share our own feelings and experiences rather than placing blame, we create a space for learning, exploration and deeper understanding of each another.

Constructive, open and honest communication is not easy, but one of the most important skills we can learn.

Imagine if you had no unfinished business with anyone around you….

Imagine if you could free from relationship pain…

What difference would that make in your life?

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