365 ways to energize – a daily companion to living with health, purpose, and joy

What do you love to do, that makes you go a little bananas…?

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Day 31We were four girlfriends today that were skiing fresh powder together. The screams of joy as we bounced down in knee-deep powder were hugely alivening. We were all smiling from ear to ear, bubbling with enthusiasm and joy feeling grateful to be sharing our passion with one another.

I have realized that sharing the things I love with people that have the same passions as me enhance my joy.

One of the fastest ways to get happy and energized is to live your passions – to let yourself fully engage in the things you love.

“Passion is oxygen of the soul.” Bill Butler

It is easy to make everything else more important than doing the things that makes your heart sing. If we do not make space for the things we love, we can become a little numb.

Life is too short for not making your passions a priority!

Don’t ever marginalize what you enjoy. It is not about what other people think. It is all about what makes your heart sing.

What are you passionate about that you could make more time for in your life?

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