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Do you flip and lose it sometimes?


Day 29
I think this happens to all of us: We step into overwhelm when exposed to the unfamiliar – areas where we lack competence, confidence or feel out of control.

It’s interesting to look more deeply at why we feel stressed, as stress is very personal and one of our absolute biggest energy thieves.

Most of us are triggered by the same things – over and over again – without taking the time and effort to learn to handle these situations differently in order to avoid this repetitive stress.

Sometimes simply shifting our mindset can help us deal with challenges. We decide to no longer let the same old things bother us because we realize stressing about them doesn’t help and even makes the situation worse.

If you are feeling stuck in stressful situations, it might be worth reaching out for help to learn to see your triggers in a different way.

When we learn to effectively handle our life stressors, it brings such relief and a feeling of great strength and inner peace.

What are your stress triggers? Who would you be without them?

2 thoughts on “Do you flip and lose it sometimes?

  1. So true Anine, I am just Reading a book written by Richard Carlson, with the titel ” don’t sweat the small Stuff” and it is all small Stuff . I can recomend it, 136 small essays how you can stop letting small things in life drive you crazy….🙏 Ulrika


    • Hi Ulrika, Thanks for commenting and for reminding me of that book. It used to be Henrik’s bible… He would refer to it all the time & now we are brain washed ;). We even got the versions, “Don’t Sweat the small stuff for men” respectively for women.
      Big hug


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