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Intuitive eating – what on earth is that…?


Day 27Intuitive eating – what on earth is that…?

Last night I had a wow experience – related to food and eating.

I organize events in Geneva where I promote expat talents and skills within the community. Yesterday, Hiba Giacolletto, food coach, psychologist and blogger in the Huffington Post were one of the presenters, and she provided us an aha-experience.

Hiba asked the question: Is it possible to love food too much? In her family, this had been the case – where everything was celebrated and happened around meals. I understood that I also perhaps have loved food too much, but realize now, that I perhaps have loved eating even more.

I eat fast. I know it is not good for me, or my digestion, and that it is not good manners to finish before others, but I have not had it in me to stop this behavior. Until now!

What shifted for me yesterday was the sensory experience of eating along with understanding better how the body and digestion works. Hiba reminded us that digestion starts through our senses before we put anything into our mouth. First through our eyes, which is why it is important to serve the food in an appealing way. By truly taking in the food with our eyes we can already sense our mouth watering. If we in addition smell the food a little before putting it into out mouth, the saliva increases further.

If we prepare the stomach for the food coming this way, it will aid the digestion, and the food also tastes better. For me, it was a real AHA experience to prepare the eating with my senses. Try it!

Also – It takes 20 minutes for our body to assimilate the food we have eaten and to tell us if we are full. It is easy to eat too much when we eat too quickly.

If you find that you have a hard time slowing down your eating like me, put on some music and dance a little before a meal or try another way to connect with your body.

The philosophy of intuitive eating really speaks to me. When we learn to tune into our body, it will tell us what it needs. By simply being more present to our meals, we can reduce overeating by up to 30%, eliminate cravings, and boost metabolism and nutrient absorption. I like that!

2 thoughts on “Intuitive eating – what on earth is that…?

  1. It was, as you said, a real WOW experience


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