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From beer to peace


Day 23

Listening to people’s life stories intrigues me.

The journeys people take, what they achieve and the coincidences that often lead people in a certain direction never stops to amaze me.

Tonight we had Janne and Anna Hellman over for dinner in Verbier.

They owned and ran Hotel Farrinet in Verbier during the 1990’s and were trendsetters to the live music after ski and used to sell 1000 beer per hour…

After 10 years in the business and totally beered out, they decided to choose a completely different avenue.

Janne decided to engage himself in a Non Violence project foundation that he founded with Rolf Skjoldbrand 22 years ago.

The story is too long to share now but their their foundation to date has educated 7,000,000 teachers and students around the world and have received numerous awards for their efforts to end violence in the world, among them The Presidential Call to Service Award received from the hands of Barak Obama.

Their achievement is mind blowing and they are living examples of the power of believing in a good idea, determination, and hard committed work. With all this achievement he is one of the most humble people I know.

4 thoughts on “From beer to peace

  1. Hej Anine,
    kul att läsa din blog och känna din energi! Go girl 🙂 Kram Ewa


  2. Inspiring story – thanks for sharing. small acts can have a huge impact.


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