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Feeling tired…?


Day 22Living quite far north of the equator during this time of the year is by itself tiring.

Wintertime we are meant to take it a bit slower and not be too overactive according to Chinese medicine. Nothing grows during the winter except the roots of the trees, so we should neither expect too much of ourselves.

Most of us spend too long hours inside and often in front of the computer, no wonder we feel energy drained.

To deal with less daylight, sunshine and warmth – plus dry air from central heating – we need to find ways to get energized; otherwise it is easy to get sick.

I did for sure feel lack of energy today after nearly 8 hours sitting in front of the screen. This is what I did to lift my energy and spirit:

At half past six, I stopped working and leaned back in my chair and read a good book for twenty minutes.

I then went for a long run.

I prepared a dinner with Thai spices that heated my body and I drank a small glass of red wine.

I’m on my way to take a bath with sea salt where I know I will close my eyes and dose of.

I have vowed to myself to go to bed early tonight.

It is not possible for all of us to take this much time off to oneself in one go. But I’m sure that you can carve out twenty minutes for YOU – and that can make a huge difference to how you feel. When I only have twenty minutes, I often lay down on a carpet with a blanket over me and something to cover my eyes. It is quite magic as it makes me feel like a new person every time.

What can you do to energize during your winter?

2 thoughts on “Feeling tired…?

  1. Anine, I can relay and post about loving your body! I like to do sequences of exercise in a very slow pace. I lay on the floor and stretch if I just woke up, then do sun salutations or any other exercise that my body demands. The key word is slow.


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