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Connecting with Janne Carlzon

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Day 21Today I had a profound two-hour lunch meeting with Janne Carlzon. Someone I am, and have always been, a big fan of.

During my teenage years in Norway, the most talked about person in the business world in Scandinavia was Janne Carlzon. He transformed Linjeflyg (the Swedish domestic airlines) and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines Systems) and took them to new heights with his leadership. His business book “Tear the Pyramids Down,” also impacted the way organizations were structured and how business was conducted around the world. With his out of the box thinking and ability to respect, connect, charm and inspire people; it is easy to understand why he has become an icon.

My cat is standing next to me now as I am writing. She is looking deeply into my eyes and waiting patiently to be caressed. Her presence reminds me of the deep calm presence that Janne possesses, which in these days and age is quite a rare and special quality.

Something magic happens in the connection with him, because he completely sees and hears you. He is one of the most calm and grounded people I know, while also being spiritual and philosophical. He speaks from his heart, yet articulates brilliant observations and thoughts in a poetic way.

Janne is truly multitalented and amongst the most gifted public speakers I know. With an ability to sense and connect with his audience through intriguing story telling and with clear and precise words, his presence makes a lasting impact.

I wonder what more would be possible for the rest of us, if we could increase our presence; being here and now with the people we are with, truly and fully….

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