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Which type are you?

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Day 16

Do you enjoy throwing yourself into ventures and figuring out along the way where to go and how to go about things? Or are you’re the type that wants to have everything under control, and be on top of things before taking a step into foreign territory and new projects?

We all have areas where we are spontaneous and creative and others where we feel apprehensive and timid. Our talents and experience plays a part and also our personality type.

I find that there is something wonderfully adventurous about just going for it – and completely trusting that I will find my way in many areas of my life. I enjoy launching myself enthusiastically into things and learn as I go. But there are other times I hold back when I lack experience and knowledge.

What I have been learning with the years is to ask for help when I have wanted to grow within a new area where I have felt timid. Asking for help has made me feel stronger. The path has also been more fun to embark on, when I have shared in with someone who are more experienced than me. We are not meant to be self-sufficient. We need one another. I find that very beautiful. And when we ask for help, other people get a chance to use their talents and strengths to help us. It becomes a win-win for everyone. To ask for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of maturity.

Do you have a dream that you are not embarking on because you are either too stoic, or too shy to ask for help?

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