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Where is home?

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Day 15

I have been an expat for 30 years this year. That is a very long time to be away from home. But where is home for us expats?

Even though I have lived in Geneva for the past 10 years, longer than in any other foreign country and I really enjoy my life here, I do not think I will ever refer to it as my primary home.

I think most expats feel the same – that home is where we grew up.

I say I’m going home when I go to Norway, or to Stockholm, Sweden. I feel very much at home in Stockholm. Perhaps because I am married to a Swede, and I lived there for 8 years. We spend our summers there and I have many dear good friends there.

It is very important to feel at home where we live. The more we invest our heart where we live, the more we will also feel at home. It is easy to live half-heartedly when we know we are in a place temporarily.

My experience is that if we only invest parts of us into the place we live, we will never be fully happy. I think this applies to all of us, not only to expats.

I have come to love my life in Geneva, as I am now investing all of me when I am here.

Are you investing all of you wherever you may live?

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