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The pleasure of of extending a helping hand


Day 14

While retuning to my car in the city this afternoon I saw on the other side of the road a distinguished elderly lady with a piece of paper in her hand. The lady was glancing anxiously between the paper and the surrounding buildings seemingly confused, helpless and lost. Sensing she needs assistance, I cross the street and approach her. She spots me coming and quickly seizes the opportunity to get some help, beginning to explain while I’m still 10 meters away that she is looking for an eye doctor at this address, but the door is locked and there is no doorbell. On reaching her, I see that she has the doctor’s number written down in beautiful cursive handwriting but then I realize that she has no phone to call the doctor with. I take out my mobile and try to reach the doctor for her. I dial the number and get through to the automatic answering service, at which point I realize that it is the same ophthalmologist to which I normally go, and that it is at a completely different address!

I offer to take her to the correct address in my car. Relieved and grateful she tries to get into my car, but the car is quite tall and the seat is too high for her to get in with ease. She tries to lift her leg but the stiffness in her hips prevents her from lifting her leg up high enough. She tries then to edge her bum in first, but she is too short for her bum to reach. So I help her into the car by lifting and sliding her onto the seat, and while I do, I think of the importance of staying supple and flexible in our joints as much as possible as we age. Thank God for Yoga!  Once the lady is in we make the drive to the correct location.

I drop her where she needs to be and she goes off with a big smile.

We both part from each other, full of gratitude – her for receiving help in getting to her appointment on time – and me for having had the pleasure of giving a helping hand to one in need.

2 thoughts on “The pleasure of of extending a helping hand

  1. Anine! this is perfect for you! … will enjoy reading and ingesting great nourishment for body and soul!


    • Thank you darling Kristin!
      Love your support and input.
      I think we will end up creating something fab together very soon….
      First my plan is to take ETC to another level where we can reach out to those who are in need/interested.
      Hope you are doing great my dear.
      Big hug


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