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Let the sunshine in…

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Day 12

Do you adjust your day a little to soak up the sunshine when it appears during the wintertime?

Sunshine is inspiring, healing and healthy. We need the D vitamins, and it will help us stay healthier during the winter months.

This morning I woke up to below zero Celsius and a gorgeous clear blue sky. I witnessed the sunrise and how the sun rays showered the snow-covered Jura Mountains across the lake in a beautiful warm golden yellow color.

It is often overcast by Lake Geneva throughout the winter, so the days when it is clear it is such a treat. I often look up from the work I am doing and even step outside to take in the sunshine from time to time.

As the sun was about to set, I got my paddle-board and went for a short paddle on the mirror clear calm lake the red coloured sky casting light over the houses and trees along the shore.

Why only have fun in the sun during the summer months, when we can equally enjoy and profit from the sun during the winter months….?

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