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Back to reality… or why not add more spice to your life…?


Day 11

Most of us with school children either at home or abroad, will by tomorrow morning be back to old routines. It might feel exciting, or like a relief to get back to routines if you are eager to get back to work, and focus on going after your dreams and goals. For some of you however, it can be disheartening that your children and spouse go back into being busy with their lives, if you experience that you are standing on the sideline to serve them – especially if you have not yet landed with aspirations and dreams that inspire you for the coming year.

You do not necessarily need to have a grand dream to get energized and uplifted. Sometimes, just adding something new to your life can make a huge difference. If you would like start off this term more upbeat – try to tweak your life by doing something out of the ordinary, or perhaps even a bit wild and/or scary!

I decided to add some extra spice to my life this morning, when I for the first time during the winter decided to take a swim in the freezing lake. Boy that was both scary and cold, yet hugely refreshing! It for sure woke me up and gave me an energy boost that has kept me going the whole day. It can be that simple to be enlightened and inspired.

What are you eager to do differently to add spice to your life?

4 thoughts on “Back to reality… or why not add more spice to your life…?

  1. Tack Anine! Du skriver så fint och inspirerande, du ger energi😘!


    • Tack snälla Annie för din gulliga kommentar. Du är först med att kommentera min blog. Kul! 🙂


      • Thankou for this sharing and for this question! As you know you picked me up in a really threatening point of life when I had stopped creating my future due do many things happening in my life that consumed more energy than I had.
        To this day, I often go back to my kitchentable where we sat, and I´ll go through my favourite parts in our talk allover again. One thing that I think of today, about 4 years later, is that there is a lot of talking nowadays about leaving our comfort zone, and hor good it is for us! (!) Well, as the world at the present manifests a lot of turmoilt, I add the luxorious spice of going INTO my comfortzone a lot more often than earlier when I brought a lot of anxiety to my life by to many challenges. At the kitchentable 4 years ago you made me understand that by allowing the most dear Dreams to grow into realistic plans, Joy comes and Wonders happen.


      • Dearest Teresa,
        Thank you very much for sharing publicly the difference that our meeting had in your kitchen. I am so very happy that you got the boost you needed to follow your dreams and that you have become the star that you are both on and off the stage!
        To see you radiate and shine into the beautiful being that you are and in what you do, is heartwarming and inspiring. You are a living example of that it is possible to succeed by going for our most profound dreams no matter our background and past experiences. You have proven that passion and talent is what is needed to succeed. I cannot wait to see you in action and on stage hopefully soon!
        Big kiss and hugs my dear,


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