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Give Yourself a boost….


Day 6

… by celebrating the woman who is your mother.

Today is my mother’s birthday and I feel such love, appreciation and gratitude for the woman who she is and for all that she has given me.

My mother is a very natural and authentic woman. She taught me to be independent and open and to appreciate differences in all the people I encounter. She has always been a role model for me; teaching me by example, to be strong, self sufficient and accomplished woman. I have deep respect for her and for the journey she has traveled throughout her amazing life. My mother has been a tower of strength and a great listener and I feel blessed and lucky to have such a loving relationship with her.

Over the years, I have met many people who have difficult relationships with their mothers. And in them, I see how bearing grudges and nursing bitterness against a person, can sap you of energy and drain your joy.

I ones listened to Kaj Pollak, a Swedish film producer and author, talk about his relationship with his mother, which, for most of his life, was not an easy one. Then one day he decided to stop looking for her faults and casting her as the enemy. He decided that, rather than despising her, he would, from that day on, show her gratitude for having given him life. And he went to her and told her so. “Thank you mom for giving me life.” On hearing his words, his mother’s heart melted and from the moment on, their bond began to strengthen.

You stand to lose nothing by extending a word of love and gratitude to the woman who is your mother. You stand to gain much in unconditional love returned, in peace of mind and joy.

2 thoughts on “Give Yourself a boost….

  1. Hi Anine

    Thank you for these nice words and the positive energy! I think I had the same kind of mother and am very glad to have shared these moments of love and gratitude with her during the years we spent together.

    In the same time I want to congratulate and to encourage you for having started your daily blog. Fantastic! and so enlightening! I hope the rest of the year will bring you as much love, abundance and happiness as you are spreading out to others.

    Love, Caren

    Le 6 janv. 2015 à 22:35, ANINERGY a écrit :

    > >


    • Dearest Caren,
      Thank you for your kind heartwarming feedback and encouraging words. They mean a lot to me! (I’m sorry that I am seeing them first now… – I’m such a beginner at this…:))
      What a gift that also you had a profound relationship to your mother. I’m very happy for you!
      I’m finding blogging really interesting and have been diving right in without really knowing what I have gotten myself into…
      I am discovering it along the way. That is often my way. Try first and then see. I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone for sure. Reading your sweet words are very encouraging for me.
      Thank you for sharing your love.
      Much love and hugs,


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