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Day 2


A new year brings new opportunities.

In order to find out where we want to go, and what truly speaks to our hearts, it is helpful to first reflect on where we have been. Learning from our past gives us perspective and impact us on a deeper emotional level – not only our minds, our heart and emotions also engage. This makes a difference to whether we succeed with our goals and New Year resolutions.

I love to explore inspiring questions with my friends and family, and during meals for the past few days, I have asked three questions:

  1. Do you have any regrets from this past year? These would be things that did not make you feel more energetic, happier, healthier or successful. Or things you missed out on.
  2. What insights/learning points do you have from the past year? Each year we learn and mature – where did you grow last year?
  3. What brought you most happiness this past year and where do you feel gratitude? Reflect on where you played a role, where your decisions made a difference to your, and possibly to other people’s lives.

Hopefully you will find your New Year resolutions for 2015 more inspring and meaningful after reflecting upon these questions.

2 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. Such wonderful questions Anine. I’m still pondering what my answers are. But, I’m curious as to whether there was a common theme in the answers you received from your friends and family?


    • Dear Kylie,
      Thank you for your comments, which I regretfully am discovering first now… I’m such a beginner at this.
      How great that you have been pondering the questions, which I hope you have gotten some answers to by now.
      I find that pondering questions only in my head give me very little. Either briefing the questions with someone, or taking time to sit with a journal and write, is what brings me most insights.
      I find that there are common themes amongst the people I’ve spoken to. When I speak to my daughters and their friends and other young adults, there are some themes that runs (like working more focused and disciplined in school or university and exercising more).
      I do find however that young adults are hugely different in their level of awareness and consciousness.
      What I have loved about speaking to young adults, is that they are very receptive and eager to learn and they actually do often realize how much power they have to design and create their lives based on their dreams. They are just beginning and it gives me great pleasure to listen to them and to support them when I can to get off to a good start.
      When it comes to adults I find that a lot of them are eager to improve their health and step up and make a difference with their lives. They feel that the clock is ticking and therefore they often aspire to be living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. In other words, stepping outside their comfort zone and entering new territories.
      I hope I have answered your questions.
      Wishing you the best of luck and hope that you will have a great year my dear!
      Much love and a big hug,


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